Thursday, December 30, 2010

The very first

Hi, my name is Ksenia. I start this blog now when the old 2010 is almost gone, because I want something new, colourful, cozy, happyful and nice to happen in 2011.
I will write mostly about my daily life, my wonderful family consistent of my husband Santiago and my daughter Greta (20 months old by now), about my hobbies (knitting, maybe little sewing, photography, running, cooking, baking).
I am from Russia, my husband is from Spain, our daughter was born in Norway, and we live in a small town in Norway now in Lammers vei (Lammers' street). I will write in English, because I do not know which language to choose, sincerelly :-) We have friends all over the world now, and it seems logical to me to make it accessible to everybody.
I hope you will like it here, and maybe even post a comment now and then.
But for now, have a wonderful New Year's Eve tomorrow!
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