Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No head to try on

Greta and Santiago went to Spain today, I am already missing them. Meanwhile, to make the time pass faster, I made a sunhat for Greta. A baloon is posing patiently for the pictures.

Good night, my dear friends!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby mittens nr.2

I really liked the pattern for this baby mittens. Even though I think I always make them too big, this is my second pair. An owl this time. I used host supersoft yarn, some rests I have after a sweater and the shawls.

Remember the first ones?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Marius, too warm for now

I am preparing for winter in advance again. But you never know, it might be cold in summer too. Luckily, it is big enough to wait for Greta to get bigger before she can wear it. Greta likes it, but she agrees to wait until it fits better. So it will wait.

 Mariusgenser med rundfelling I knitted is a bit different from the original one. Usually it is mainly blue, but I switched blue with white, since Greta wanted it in white. I used Gale garn Baby Ull yarn, because it is very soft. The pattern comes in a pattern magazine, so there are more similar designs available there.

The pattern is for kids all ages, but I made the size 4 years old. I knew beforehand it would be too big for Greta, but considering how slow I am knitting, it is wise to knit always a big size. I used approximately 1.2 of white, 0.7 blue and 0.2 red yarn color. Anyway, whenever Greta is big enough to wear it, I think she will like it! I am satisfied this time!

One of the warmest days!

We are really lucky with the weekends lately, great weather while it rains the rest of the week. It is really nice to spend time outside now, even hard to believe that days ago we were wearing jackets. Maybe we even got sunburnt? We will see tomorrow!!
The day were just screaming: get outside! Nice to have good weather so early in spring/summer. Tomorrow is another week, a short one for Greta and Santiago since they will go to Spain already on Wednesday.
This morning I decided to wash the car, and Greta wanted to help. So this was our morning. I also miss some fysical activity, it is less and less running and tennis every time, so this was the best I came up with today. So after me washing the worst part away on the gas station, we started the handwash. Greta loved it. I understand this, I remember we used to handwash the car when we were kids. She was really a great help. She likes to have the things clean. She never misses the oportunity to help me. :-)

Washing the car

Good Sunday activity.
Later we went to the open day at the water energy/station museum (I don't really know how it is called in English). They had lots of activities for kids, like the rocket making:

And sending it out in the space later:

The watermills and water tunnel:

Increadibly good weather:

The activity most kids enjoyed was playing in the big shallow pond, Greta was no exception.

At the end she told dad how much she loves him:

We also visited our old neighbour friends that moved to a new house, where Greta played with her friend and I got some baby experience again. The dads made dinner on a grill and we had it very nice together.
When we came home and Santiago was taking Greta to bed, I continued making my office room neater and make yet another intent to get organized - labeled the charging cables. We will see if this system works now.

It will not be very sad even if it rains tomorrow, since we had such a great time this weekend. How was your weekend?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long time no scrapbooking

It has been a long time since I did any scrapbooking, so I am catching up today with a newspaper scrap for Greta's 4th birthday. A simple one.

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The garden day

This summer I am feeling pretty lazy regarding the garden. Last summer it worked out bad, since we did not have time to take care of it. So this year I think I will drop most of the vegetables, but will have just the herbs. It did help that I found this cool tips for using the unnecessary keys as the lables for the herbs. We planted mostly thyme, basil and a couple of salad types.

We also planted our poor avocado tree in a bigger pot, since it did not have enough space for the roots in a tiny pot on the kitchen window.

Greta felt engaged in the activity and planted something too: a radish, peas and another salad type.

Greta also attended a birthday party today, and later in the evening we went to buy some fruit for dinner.

And the best part of it is that I am writing now from my brand new iMac )

Have a great weekend!
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Geranium dress pattern

A very beautiful dress to sew, though I made the top option since I did not have enough fabric. Greta tried it on, but refused to pose for the camera. Good we have the whole summer in front of us so we can take many pictures in summer tops.
Have a good start of the week!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The third holiday in a row, our way

I hope everybody is having a great holiday! The summer finally came here and this is what we did today:

It was really warm today, probably around 26 or so. Yesterday, too. It is quite unusual for us after the last week, so we still can not believe we are using summer clothing. I caught cold the last weekend, and now I have to be careful not to get sunburnt. The mornings last week it was not more than 0-2 degrees in the morning... While you probably were still sleeping, we played with a ball outside early morning.

Greta were conquering new hights.

And having good time on the playground. Several other neighbour kids were there, too. Alway nice to get a bit social.

Later we went to town for a short walk and to buy some vegetables.

And watched our beautiful river. We had to take a picture of it, since it was a lot of water the last days. It was not so impressing today, but still a good view.

Greta jumped from rock to rock near the grocery shop.

We had to take a picture of beautiful us in the great summer weather. We are enjoying spending most of the time outside.

We did our shopping and Greta, as always, got her chocolate kinder egg there. :-)
We had brokkoli pesto for lunch that we made ourselves.

with filled peppers. And it was fantastic good! We ate outside today in the good weather.

Greta misses her grandparents that left yesterday, it looks like they became good friends during this time. I noticed she speaks more Russian now, and I feel proud. Soon she is going to Spain with dad to visit her other grandparents. I think the trip will go fine just without me, she is a big girl now. Almost can not believe she is 4 years old now. Just some time ago I would not believe she will travel without me.
We finished our day with a bit more ball play outside and I finished knitting a Marius jacket for Greta. Greta painted a while before going to bed. Greta also requested dad to paint flowers on her cheeks, I forgot to take a picture though. But they turned out pretty good. We are still enjoying our days off, even though the house gets messier and it is only one free day left!
I hope you had a great sunny day!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

The 17th of May

The national day started wery promising, no rain at all, and the happy child. So we headed to the town and had a good time watching the beautiful Norwegians everywhere. But Greta was just not in the mood, you can see on the second picture. So after a while she asked to please please go home, almost crying. Also, today is the last day the grandparents are here, so it will be sad for her to say good bye until the next time.

 After some resting and lunch at home, she was happy again, the sun came out, and we went for a short walk, basicly to the playground and paint with chalk on the road.

 She is a busy lady now, talking on a phone all the time. She even sent me three sms today: two of them empty and one saying "Call me later".

I hope you had a great Norwegian National day.
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