Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Sunday in pictures

In the forest.
Yellow boots.
Sunny morning.
Singing songs.
While nobody can hear us.
The day completely opposite to yesterday. After a walk in the forest, we had ice cream with strawberries, made veggie soup with all the rests from the fridge, played lego and play-doh, and then got outside.

After lunch we spent some time in the garden, playing and making it look nice, too. We cut the grass, we played with soap bubbles, replanted Greta´s seeds and took care of my avocado tree. The sun lost yesterday came back today, and we enjoyed our time outside.

We also got us some strawberries and planted them in the place where we used to have some flowers years ago. No doubt we love strawberries, today we had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The garden looks decent now so it feels good to spend every minute there outside. Maybe we will even get some berries this season, too?
There was also an intention to bake a cheesecake, but the only shop that opens on Sundays did not have cheese nor vanilla.
We also played a while on the playground, before the evening snack and a nice snuggle in bed with Greta and a book. It always so difficult not to fall asleep with her there, so soft and warm she is like still a baby.
Good day spent doing simple things. Just things that make us happy, and make us closer. Everything we see around us is so beautiful. It felt like the longest day I ever lived. Just one long day. The weather also knew we needed a beautiful day today to change our batteries for the whole next week. It is still just two of us. That is ok. If the days are like today. Nice not to do anything but have done so many things at the same time.
Have you started your holidays?
Have a good start of the week. Kisses!


We are still home alone, and we are enjoying the weekend. It was raining a lot today, so we drove to Drøbak to visit the aquarium and for a walk in the town. It is beautiful, it was a pity the weather was not the best, otherwise we would have taken more pictures.

It feels like summer anyway. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Late evening sewing

Greta was looking forward for me to finish this t-shirt for her. It is pink and has a bird on a branch on it. Took a while to sew it, but I hope she will be happy to wear it tomorrow. She also has an importand day tomorrow. It will be her first sleepover since I have to work during the evening tomorrow while daddy is working in Germany. Hope it will go fine. Maybe I will also be lucky to take some daylight pictures tomorrow.

Have a good night!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The first tent trip

Now I can proudly say that Greta (and the rest of us, too) survived the tent trip in the forest. We were near a lake in the Kongsberg area, the weather yesterday was good, and we enjoyed grilling dinner outside and walking.

Family picture - a rare occasion.

Greta is proud to sleep for the first time in the tent.

But is is still too early, so we paint and draw outside until the evening.

And go for a walk around the lake.

Good night, everybody. Yes, a lot of light, since it is the shortest night of the year.

So when she is finally asleep, there is still pretty much light outside.

It took a while for me to fall asleep, the baby would not stop moving, but when I was tired enough and the rain outside started making the nice forest noise, I finally got to sleep.
This girl woke up around her usual time, and since it was still raining outside, she had a good time writing some Russian letters in her book, while we were trying to get our last minutes of sleep.

We had our breakfast also inside the tent, and after a few minutes outside in the rain, packed and went back to the car and home.

Looks like a happy child to me, after an adventurous night in the forest!

Have a good start of the week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


This must be something strange related to pregnancy, right? Otherwise, how do you explain that I NEEDED strawberries and guava iced tea at 11pm in our yard?

Sunday, June 16, 2013


My legs are tired in a good way, my face is brownish, my mind is more relaxed and I feel in good shape. Great day walking in Skrim mountains. So, where are all of you who love Norway so much that want to come see at this beautiful nature?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday summer fun day

We are lucky with the weather lately, so all the day today was dedicated to the summer fun activities.
But before that we had to draw a while. This is Greta and her house (you can see the door).

This was pretty fun. we poured some painting in ikea plastic bags and played around with them, squeezing and moving the paint. Art in a bag.

Then we actually had to do some grocery shopping, but it was still to early, so we spent a while near the lake, played, feed a duck and relaxed.

Back home and after lunch, it was time for the pool fun in the garden. Greta of course had to take with her the umbrella.

Our morning art.

More fun with giant soap bubbles.

And the small ones

Have a great weekend!

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