Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peggle people

The other day I found a wonderful site, I felt I would love to make all of the things from there. But then I postponed and postponed, until I got time this week. I made the peggle people and the cardboard animals and vehicles. Greta is coming back home tomorrow, I bet she will like it. The peggle people will also be happy living in a dollhouse Santiago made for her.

I think it is pretty clear I miss her. Every evening I make something for her. I sew, knit, make wooden toys, bought some books. I am excited to see her back home tomorrow.


  1. Какой классный сайт, спасибо за наводку.
    А я еще с ребенком не расставалась, представляешь, даже не знаю что такое разлука

  2. да ладно. я тоже долго на это решиться не могла, в январе первый раз так чтобы надолго, но все прошло отлично и все довольны


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