Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first Mosaic Moon

A nice american lady from Ravelry sent me this yarn, which is not easy to get otherwise. It is hand-dyed wool. I think I will knis new pair of trousers for Greta.

And here she is, helping me with the laundry:
PS. Today we tried Touran. Even more expensive than Grand Scenic, and we did not quite fell in love with it...
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The mushroom mania

Greta got another mushroom today. I am becoming crazy about mushrooms :-) They are so nice.

But actually I am just inspired by this blog. So many interesting small things. And I am decided that I want to paint Greta´s room in white and use Dotty Ferm Living wallpaper (the one with the trees) on one of the walls.
Meanwhile, today we started selling our car. Recently washed and pilished, it is so nice and beautiful. I love it more than ever.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trying the car

Today we are trying a new car that we like. It is Renault Grand Scenic. So far, we like most of the things about it (except the price, of course). We will see tomorrow, if they can give us a good deal or not.
Colour coffee
It was really nive to drive. Minimal noise inside, parking back view camera, gps, glass top roof, etc etc
Big trunk

Or little trunk... if you use all 7 seats.
This one sure loved the car. Was difficult to take her out of it.
Finally got out :-)
To play with the umbrella running after Sofia

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ascension weekend. Day 2. Kristiansand zoo. Part 2

Sunny Saturday

and also very relaxed. First, we found another orienteering checkpoint in the forest, a difficult one today. Then we were watching Wimbledon all day long today! I am happy about it. Anf to finish the day, Santiago was painting a little wooden cloet for Greta, and Greta was paintin even smaller wooden "treasure" chest.

And havng fun in the dolls stroller
Our cat just loves all the boxes (I bet all the cats do), and Greta loves to make fun of her.

One important thing: now we should be very careful. Greta learned to open the door (and I guess she just became taller)! And she went to the street all by herself . I am surprised and scared.
And for dessert: homemade forest fruit creamy icecream. Yumy!

Hava a great weekend!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

The natural woman

It is about Greta. I bought a water-based children nail polish on iHerb. Today Greta asked me to wear it. While I was putting it on her nails, she was not moving. At all! And after that she was waiting to the nail polish to dry!!!! HOW could she possibly know that?
Also, we watch Wimbledon, I run orienteering in the forest, Santiago is at a party, I play tennis, I am happy. And it is the weekend. And on Sunday we are going to try the Grand Scenic. Wow!!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The garden

A little bit work in the garden tonight. We are trying to remove the bad things from the hill, and we may plant something better there. But what?
Besides, the redcurrant looks quite good, the raspberry too, and the apple tree, of course.
My flowers are starting to sprout. Late? Of course, I plantes them jast a week ago :-)))

And a bonus joke from Greta. She looks at this book about the little mole on this page and says, looking to the left page, "The birdie is eating apples" (I think it is a cherry tree, but ok...). Then, she looks to the right page and says, "Oh, the frog and the snail eat potatoes!"
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Monday, June 20, 2011

It was a good day

The salary pay day that makes your morning a little bit brighter. Greta had her last day in the swimming pool before autumn. She loves her friend Kristina, they could not stop hugging and kissing each other after the swimming pool, and they were both screaming when their parents were taking them to the separate cars :-) We definitely should see each other during the summer.
Greta enjoying spaghetti. Just the best favourite food.

And the fresia still looks beautiful, after 2 weeks on the kitchen table.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some hours before dinner

Is very good to have a bowl of fruit and vegetables. Greta prefers cucumber and carrot, and the rest we can eat ourselves.
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Sleeping mice

This are the mice that we bought in Larvik. Greta loves them a lot, and she is right. They are so soft and cool. And the box is an old cuban cigars box, where the mice sleep :-) They have all the bedding accessories and both fit together in the box/bed.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A bird on a branch

Another one finished.
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Cake... making of

Greta was making the cake today. She did not even let me mix it afterwards, shouting "MIIIIINE".
And she took the bear for a walk in a stroller with a summer dress :-)
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