Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Saturday

A good one.
1. It started when Greta chose her outfit for today, she looks quite cool! And she was playing with Santiago's laptop.
2. The event of today was the sport competition, where Greta was the youngest to participate! She run 20 m sprint in 19.55 seconds, she threw the thingy a little, and she jumped 40 cm high :-) She got the medal, the diploma and the T-shirt. And lots of emotions!
3. A walk in the own after that. Good weather and green grass.
4. More sushi!
Tomorrow is a big day, when we will celebrate Greta's birthday with other kids. I made the cake today, I hope it is tasty and kids like it :-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

I have problems to choose

The picture I like the most from this morning. Maybe this one:
Every morning is a gift to be with her and to be able to see her happy.
Meanwhile we continue with a good summer weather with 30 C in the sun! Greta were chasing Sofia to our neighbours garden with the doll and the doll´s stroller.
Funny evening games at home :-)

Also we made sushi tonight, this time with teryaki chiken instead of salmon. Ended up very good!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I present you...

A strange animal :-) Me. I painted myself, and Greta helped too after that. She did not want to be painted herself though.

Also today was our first day at gymnastics. Greta was running everywhere, trying all different kinds of exercises. She was happy. The bad thing is we have only May, and then we will have to wait until September.
I finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Very good book. Recommend.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

80 cm of happiness

We discovered today that Greta's height is 80 cm. Yes, she is quite short. But how happy she makes us!
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Sweet watermelon

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Waiting for the new shoes

for Greta. Another preschoolians. She seems to like them, so I ordered one "party" pair and one for everyday. Nice!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My 2 year old

About her:

She is so tender, she wakes up with a smile on her face, the first thing she does is to kiss the mommy somewhere in the face, preferably in the mouth. Then she does the same to daddy. She is wonderful, she hugs us, kisses, pats, blows when it hurts. It is unbelievable.

She talks a lot on all three languages, but now during the travel, more russian and spanish. Says many phrases, like "we sit and eat", "Greta likes lemon", "mommy sleeps", "let's go eat", "Greta is a fish", "let's go to the pool", and just anything you tell her, she learns so fast and does not forget.

She loves books. Always asks "mommy, read", or just reads herself and says "Greta reads". Takes my books and tries to read them too. Falls asleep with a book in her hands.

She loves to sing. Sings many songs, from russian Antoshka to spanish songs about chocolate and about how the cat fell down from the roof. And the Norwegian ones about fishing. She is so funny when she sings.

She is really a girl now. Always ask me to put on her some dress. Changes her shoes 20 times per day, loves hats, asks to make her ponytails, gives me the tools for that. I even can brush her hair now, so we do it more often than once every 2 weeks now.

She likes pasta, lemonade, water, carrots, chocolate cereal, melon, watermelon, chicken, yoghourt, tomato. But it all depends.

Loves the order. Puts the books back to the shelf. On he beach she needed all the towels to be straight, no sand on it, and it will be very bad if the wind blows part of the towel just a bit. She would scream for all the beach to hear "clooooose".

When she want me to pay her attention while I am doing something, she comes to me, closes the book or the laptop, or something else and says "that´s enough".

Now she likes to swim. She says "Greta is a fish" and swims, I just have to support her a bit with my hand, she tries to escape, but she does not float yet herself. Still does not want the floating ring or the floating shoulders, that is why I just have to follow her and help her. Likes to sit on our backs now while we swim. Really good!

She loves all kind of animals, especially birds, cats and fish. and also dolphins, sharks, moles, giraffes and elephants. and the others, too.

she is still small, still does not reach the pedals of the three-wheel bicycle, gets frustrated. still did not figure out how to use the present from Carlos. even after I show her.

still loves the little mole, but now also likes the cat Findus, and the Gruffalo.

I can talk about her forever! And there will always be more to come

One for each

Greta got a package with a birthday presents from her grandparents in Spain

And I got mine: my Tilda books and the nonviolent communication, the air photography book for a virtual friend I am going to send, and a book with horses' pictures for Greta

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Little more from the birthday

Greta just woke up to some birthday presents. She got the little mole plush toy, wool socks from our colleague from work, and a nice summer dress from me. She is so sleepy and so funny just after waking up.

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While we were away

Greta had her birthday in Eilat. So in the morning, right after unpacking the presents, we put candles on the morning cheesecake. Greta is funny when she tries to blow off the candles. She blows, but not really strong :-)) And then she just run away to the stairs.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Home, sweet home!

Now these two days were holidays, so we have to eat what we find in our freezer and in the pantry. Greta enjoys the corn
And we love our little garden.
It is nice to see it so green so early.

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Early birthday presents

The day before we left for our vacation, Greta received a package at the post office from our friends from Moscow. And a present from Carlos. We had to open it then and there, because we could not take it with us to Israel :-)
1. Greta is running happy to get the presents
2. A funny foam massaging carpet for the feet. Greta liket so run on it.
3. The mosaic. I have not seen this kind here in Norway, but I do remember this from my childhood.
4. And the present from Carlos. Greta still did not fugure out how yo use it the right way :-)

Thank you, Lena and everybody! Thank you, Carlos!
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We are home

We came back home on Saturday night, and I am trying to get up to date with all the mail, the house, the garden. It is so many things that I want to tell: about the vacation, about Greta, about her birthday, about different observations about local people there...
Now I have some problem with the card reader and can not get the pictures yet, but they will come after a while.
I appreciate so much all your comments and wishes to Greta. She is such a nice grown girl now, that I can not believe it myself sometimes. It took her a while to start enjoying sun, beach, pool and sea. But by the end of our vacation the was swimming in the pool, playing with the sand and rocks, chasing fish in the sea and happy. And she is so nice and tender. She wakes up and the first thing she does is kiss me, she runs around the pool and runs to daddy and gives him a sweet kiss. She still has to learn to use the belt in the plane, since now she has to sit all by herself in her own seat. But to put the belt is a fight, scream and frustration. I hope she will be calmer next time we travel.
We had a problem with the travel agency which put us in a wrong room type, so the next weeks will be interesting as I will try to get some money back and get some king of compensation.
I was running there too, but what a big difference it is, I noticed today when I went running here, to run in a desert or to run in a nice fresh spring-summer Norway when the birds sing and the air smells pine trees. I don't feel ready to run 10 km in 2 weeks in Oslo, especially after the buffet in Eilat with all that nice cakes and sweets :-)
When we came back here, there is no spot of snow left. Everything is green and the sun is shining. It is real summer here, so early. Yesterday we had a gardening day, removed all the old leafs and grass from the garden, cleaned the terrace, washed it and oiled it. Changed tires on the car and on the bikes, too. By the way, we tried our three-wheeled bike for Greta, but she still is too short and cant reach the pedals... I cant believe they make these bikes for such big kids and Greta still cant use it...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yet another good day

N1: Do you like pancakes with sour cream and blueberry jam?
N2: I do! Especially when there are lots of them and they are not empty thin, but with some good flour and oats
N3: Greta just likes jam (pancakes too)
N4: Santiago draws very well. Here is the proof. He did this in several minutes just after looking at the image on the internet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The family of artists

Everybody in Santiago's family paints and draws very well. This is the painting his mother painted after her visit here last summer. I admit, we did not hang it on the wall yet, but we will as soon as we find the right frame. Santiago draws very well too, and I always tell him that, and I would like him to continue developing this ability. Maybe now with Greta he will draw more.
This is the picture and the painting. I just noticed for the first time that the cat on the picture is not ours but the neighbor's.

By the way, Greta speaks more and more. Today, while watching the mole for another time, when she saw the dog crying, she said in perfect Russian "собака плачет". And she uses correctly all different forms of endings that we use in Russian, like she says "мы сидим", "миша сидит", "мама, садись!" еtc.
The luggage is almost made, the skibox is no longer on the car, we are almost ready for our journey.
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