Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yes, yes! I finished yet another shawl. This one is called Gaenor and was much simplier to make (but bigger) than the Lazy Katy. Love it!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi, Kate!

We just came back from an intense but interesting trip. We visited Kate and Max in Antibes, France, then visited several small towns in the south of France, lived three days on the coast in the suburbs of Marseille, hoping to have a bath in the sea but impossible due to a stormy weather. Then we flew to Madrid and later traveled to Toledo to enjoy several days with the family and visited a friend's wedding. Then back home. I have tons of pictures, but this is not the reason of THIS post.
The reason is to thank Kate and Max for their hospitality and show off the russian doll I made for Kate's birthday :-))

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The birthday monsters

You probably remember that Greta's birthday party theme was monsters. I have not shown before the present each of the guests got from us on the party. Enjoy!

I packed them all the same way and kids took one package each to avoid problems :-))

Wanna make one of your own monster. Use this pattern.
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Greta's birthday party. Part 2

I totally forgot that I had more pictures from the birthday party. The one I took with the phone in the woods right utside the house.
Enjoy the show, you can make the idea of the fun we had.
Greta invites everybody to the forest to look for the chocolate eggs left by the easter rabbit (parents, in this case)

We found something to play with in the forest, and did play with it until we got the birthday girl hurt in the face by it :-(

A very intense day. And yes, we travelled to Spain just 6 hours later.

Maybe we find some chocolate ggs here?

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Homemade woolfelt Ipad pocket

An easy-peasy project fot this evening is the woolfelt orange Ipad pocket. I just clipped some woolfelt and saw around. Done. We still use the silicon one when Greta uses the Ipad, and I use the smart cover when I need to put the ipad standing, but I just wanted something cozy for it this time :-)

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After the kindergarten

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kindergarten art

I was smiling when I got this doll made by Greta in the kindergarten. The funniest part is the placement of the "flowers" :-)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

We are back home

We have been to France and Spain in the last weeks, I will tell more about it soon, but now we just enjoy being back home, and enjoy summer and the last day of vacation today.

Friday, May 25, 2012

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Goteborgsvarvet 2012

I loved this weeken. It was all about running. You already know how much I love running (especially now when I don't have any next race planned for the first time in the last 2 years). So, I have a lot of pictures, by my Picasa refuses to post them, so here you have just a short running nerding about me running. Here you can see the data my watch gathered, but the official result wa 1:53:15 for the whole half marathon.

So, shortly, my plan was to run 5:15 per km, but you know all the energy you start with and you think you can move mountains? So, the first kms I run faster :-( It was a bit tough on the first bridge elevation, but I could not resist running real fast down the bridge. Was really happy and in good mood until around after 13 km, when I started feeling strange in my left knee... I usually don't drink while running, because it gives me pain in one of the sides, but I decided to drink the sports beverage on the next stations for the sake on my knee. Well, I did on the next 2 stations, and while the knee did hurt, it was still fine to run, but after the second bridge I had that typical pain in one side which I have after drinking. Add here the knee that strangely only hurt when I thought about it, so after 15 km I had to really slow down, move to the right-most lane (before that I was mostly overtaking many other runners in the left-side lane) and just run steady but slooooooowly to the end. I don't remember much from that point until approximately km 20, when I suddenly woke up from the foggy reality and started to speed up to the finish. So, yay! I did it. Better than in winter, worse than last autumn, but still happy.
And, did I mention, there was 60000 people running that race? And I came nr. 2573 among all? And 1368 among those in my age category?
Yay! Again.

It looks like I finally can get the pictures. So this was our weekend, which started with a sleepy sweet little girl to we woken up to catch the ferry.

Since we had the free ticket on a ferry, we used it on our way there. Greta enjoyed playing and watching cartoons, and I started yet another knitting project. 

Greta has fun pretending she is asleep in the car, while she asks me to take pictures of her sleeping. Look at the smile on her face. 
This is one of the bridges I will run on tomorrow. 

Generally, I liked Gothenburg pretty well, nice city (but still too big for me)

The bus I took on the race day took forever to drive some 8 km to the start from the hotel, and there was not many things to take pictures of from the bus, except maybe a couple, like this church

A happy picture! And this might be one of the prettiest medals I have :-) (or heaviest)

Just a bit of the hotel, we stayed at Quality Hotel 11, I think it was pretty good one, the prices very high there anyway.
And today, on Sunday, we had a kids race. Before that, we walked in the forest a bit, had som fun and laughed. 

In general, the kids part was really a lot of fun, Greta tried almost everything

Here we will run with Greta her 300 m

I got the t-shirt for her. She is happy!

 And another activity which she got a prize for, and a diploma!

 Now!!! We run to the finish line!

... where we get the medal and a banana!

But fairly, most of the kids loved the fake bananas much more!

I love this picture. Is she really looking proud? Or is it just me?

The big jumping castle was a lot of fun, too. But way too many big kids there, must be careful.

What was I saying about those bananas? Fun!


Just a bit more fun before we hit the road (and it does take around 4 hours to get home)

 Heading home, and if you managed reading until here, I am impressed.

Some bridge in Sweden through the roof-window.

Now I will go to bed. 
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