Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter? Again?

Today it was snowing and snowing, the whole day.

Greta and I are feeling better, and today we went out. Tomorrow is a normal kindergarten and work day. Here is ,e having to help Greta take the groceries to the kitchen (she was so eager to do it herself :-))

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter pan and my first crochet

Greta has been to her first theater musical today. And it went much better than I expected. It was a bit long, 3 hours all together, but she liked it! And I did, too!
Here Greta reads books with daddy, they look like such a good friends!

I made my first crochet thing. Took me a while to understand the principles of crocheting, but this looks good for the first time!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Todays pizza

... had a very tasty sauce, but very simple: 2 boxes of tomato, one red pepper, 2 fresh tomates, onion, garlic, fresh spices, oregano, pepper, a bit of red wine, 1-2 teaspoons of sugar.
I have never seen Greta eat so much pizza at a time!
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Very tasty cinnamon rolls

5 dl milk
2.5 dl kefir
150 g butter
50 g yeast
1.3 kg flour
2 dl sugar
a pinch of salt
Fill with:
200g butter
1.5 dl sugar
0.5 dl cinnamon

30 min at 180 C. Mmmm, yummy!
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Not many flowers on our orchid this year. Maybe it is because I forgot to cut it? Anyway, this orchid is already 3 years old and came to this house the same day we did!
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25% discount at AlmaPalma epla shop

Here AlmaPalma has a 25% discount for all textile angels and pins thta you can attach to your cloths or bags or anything at all.

New swimming pool shoes

Since the old ones are becoming too small, I bought a new pair for Greta. it is "2-3 years" size... How come people say a child's feet are changing so fast, if Greta uses her shoes for mor than a year now and they still fit? Anyway, these ones are like 4 cm bigger than Greta's feet. :-)) Can't imagine a 2 year old with such a big foot (but I know, actually, they do exist)
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The spring in inevitable

This is how it looks like outside right now. Every day, the strip with the lawn is growing wigger, and the one with snow is smaller. Yay!
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Behind the clouds...

...the sky is always blue.

What I really miss about our fridge is that we can not use magnets. So I have al kinds of postcards and pictures glued with some other way. Today I decided to use my Dymo to write something heartwarming and optimistic on the fridge door.
This evening we are baking canel rolls, already looking forward to it.
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We love Saturdays

Today Greta is veing really helpful, she does everything we do, even making pizza. Actually, she even ate flour, then she drank some water, and then she found the jar with suger and just had to eat sugar to. Then some sausage and lots of cheese. So she had her own pizza in the stomach long time before the actual pizza was ready.
I wanted to make the cover for the wood basket long time ago, now I made it. A funny children Ikea fabrik, but it adds an interesting touch to the living room. The idea was to make a cover for the inside so that the small pieces of wood do not get outside and stuck on the floor in the living room. While I was taking pictures, Greta was playing ball, as you can see.
It is warn enough at home now, so we don't have any wood right now, but we store the fire starting bricks there meanwhile :-)
Greta it trying her new Retro Kidz Banz sunglasses, but they are still too big. But she looks really funny with them on.

Have a great weekend!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Find a fail

Today I continued my sick staying at home, but could not just be in bed. So I decided to continue with the monkey vest. I kinda finished it... but with some fails. Especially this one... Can't you see it? The zipper is the wrong king, the one you can not open! A vest you can not open :-) No, I decided to change it, so I will buy a zipper that does work with this vest.
Then I had to sew something else, and made this leggins for Greta, thinking that she might use them when we go to Israel now. But... the size 86 is once again not the right one... Greta she is just too small. So the legging will have to wait some time...
Greta in the morning:
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pancakes day

Today Greta started liking pancakes. Of course, today I made them baby-size :-) And we had strawberry jam and honey on them. How could she not like them?
I was at home sick today, still feeling the same, but the good thing is that I have a big progress on Greta's trousers knitting projest.
And this is just lovely :-) Mom! Stop flashing me!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puddles fun

Greta loves puddles now. She jumps and runs in them, and I just close my eyes, because that is the easiest way to handle it :-))

The spring is really coming! A huge block of ice slided down from the roof, and Greta almost asleep woke up and said "Упала" (It fell), very preoccupied :-)
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Monday, March 21, 2011


Incredible, one day with winter coat, and the day after 10 C and running in puddles:
We almost got stuck in this mess today:
Greta got another swimming certificate.
And yay! We got Greta's birthday present. We did not open it yet, because she is still awake :-) Looking forward to open it and see the little mole.

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Cool drawings

I found an interesting blog today. It is colorful and inspirational. And Ingrid draws wonderful things every Friday and gives her drawings to one of those who comment her. She is wonderful:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Skiing in Blefjell

Yet another wonderful ski weekend. This time we went to Blefjell, and did around 10 km in total. I did half with Greta and pulk, and Santiago too. We had Greta's skis too, but she did not want to try them, and looked pretty happy sitting all the way in the pulk.

This is the gps data from the route:

The maximum speed was 33Km/h, and the average when coming back was 7.7 Km/h including the time spent taking videos and pictures (and using the pulk).

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Kitchen Dymo

Since I have Dym now, I go around the haouse and label everything. Santiago makes jokes about it, but I think, actually, it looks cool.
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