Monday, February 28, 2011

Now it is me

Greta is much much better today. But now it is me who feels bad... :-( Let's see how it goes.
Greta asks about daddy all day long. I explained to her that he laft on a plane. Now she looks through the window from time to time to check if she can see a plane. :-) To keep our mood up we made choco-muffins :-)

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The second day ill

We tried by all means not to get bored today. First se made paper flowers from the napkins and decorated our bears :-)
And role-play with bears continued today too. This tome the bears had to accompany Greta to the potty, and later they played "The beach bar", where the clients were bears, and Greta served them drinks (water), spoons, plates as they were hats (don't forget - a beach bar), and she was a waiter in a bikini :-)
Then we were observing how a couple of birds finally came for their food, but suddenly disappeared when I prepared the camera...

And we made a funny strange skirt... Strange colors, I have to admit it...

By the end of the day I decided to try my new cross-country skis, Greta said "Ok, mommy, go. Bye-bye", and I did. Fun, I liked it, considering I did not do it the last 3 years. (But alpine is more fun... anyway)
Greta is much better today, but she will stay home tomorrow, just to be sure. Not fun to send her to the kindergarten and have to fetch her just a few hours after that with the "prescription" to stay at home for two days more. So tomorrow we are home. Getting better!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Greta helps in the kitchen

This is tearing basil leaves. I think she enjoys it :-)

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My girl

Anothe scrap I made these days. From the old baby pictures.
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Ill, but lovely!

Greta suddenly became ill last might, so we had to cancel our skiing weekend (even though I did ski for a couple of hours, in all-white fog, seeing only 5 meter in front of me). But Greta is so lovely. She just loves her bears and cats :-) Loves to kiss them (and us). I hope she will become better soon, but right now it is just fever :-(

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The bluebird and the egg

The reversible toy for Greta is finished. The bluebird converts to an egg and back. Greta so far was not impressed too much, but I think that was because she saw it unfinished without the eyes and the mouth. So, it is finished!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

The best carrot muffins

I made them for Santiago's birthday. Recipe here. Heavenly delicious!
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Kongsberg Marken

Today we went to Kongsberg Marken - our local celebration that is organized every year at the end of february. We ate donuts and candy floss and tried some attractions. Greta got her huge "Nemo the fish" baloon, and everybody happy. I think, every year she will like it more and more.
Bad phone pictures, but I wanted the candy floss so badly that I decided not to take the camera :-)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soap bubbles

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A typical evening at home

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The cat and the water

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More grapes

Just love these funny faces :-))

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The toy story

Greta needs more space to play with the things she likes, and not to be distracted with the toys she grew out of or des not like anymore. So let the toy revolution start. Two big bags of toys are ready to bless our friends with kids or to be sold.

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Let's put the cat inside!

Yesterday Greta had this idea to play with the cat's travelling box. She was running after the cat the whole evening with is, wit did not manage to catch her. But looked very busy and serious.

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Greta in the morning

She is so funny in the morning. Today she decided to take out some cleaning stuff and the gloves :-)

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Mashed potatos and fish

A new recipe from here

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreams come true!

Today Santiago and I decided to buy a cross-country ski for me. This weekend we have a tough program with both alpine and cross-country skiing, plus Greta will ski too.
Just one week before I start running again. Looking forward! Next week start slowly with 5 km jog.

Little bit of humour here:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My little ladybug

Actually, they had lots of ladybugs today in the kindergarten. But my subjective opinion is that Greta is the best one :-)) And the only one with the handmade ladybug costume
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Monday, February 21, 2011


One of the latest Greta's drawings. She says taht it is about "fishes". We had another one with a fish with a hat, but Greta broke it... Nice fishes, anyway.
Today Greta really enjoyed the swimming. She jumt to the water, run on top of floating surfaces, and did not want to go home. Finally! Now she enjoys the water too! Not just sittimg in the low water and play with the glasses :-)

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grapes, nesquick and the ladybug

Greta now has a new favourite fruit - the grapes. Yesteday she ate a lot!

We made a delicious nesquick cake that thw wholw family likes!
And, since the fabric foe the costume did not arrive yet, I had to improvise a ladybug costume from another materials I had at home. Actually, I like how it looks. After the carneval, I will remove the black dots and the rubber from the lower part of the dress, so it will be just a normal red dress. Looking forward to Tuesday to put this all on Greta and take some pictures with the costume

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Find a cat, and the first dress

She looks just like another stuffed animal on the shelf.

Meanwhile the first homemade dress for Greta is finished. Looks quite nice. I hope she will become big enough for it before the summer.
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Sunday morning

We are ready for Kristina's birthday. She will get such a nice presents from Greta that even I would like to hece them. It is a wooden mini-kitchen and a metal luncj box.
Greta meanwhile plays the whole morning with Sofia. And Sofia hides in the box.
And when she falls and hurts, there is always mommy or daddy to help :-)
Have a good Sunday!
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