Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kitchen games

One of the tricks I used these days to get Greta "help" me in the kitchen is to let her play with the water. She thinks it is fun, too. Other times, the stands there and looks what I cook, or eats some of the ingredients (by the way, this helps and I think she started eating a bit more).
Tomorrow is the birthday celebration here. I made the pizza dough, and the cake too. Tomorrow we just have to put the pizza ingredients on top of it, and to make cake cream. Less stress for tomorrow!
Grate says more phrases now. She car say "the carrot fell", "there is no more chocolate", and things like that.
Today we had another baby-wearing experience, since Greta did not want to sit in the shopping cart and needed breast at the same time. Good thing was to have a ring sling with me.
And we got a present from Santiago's sister. Greta got a new sorter, and Santiago and me some clothing that look very nice. Thank you, Ines!

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