Thursday, February 3, 2011

I recognize myself... a bit

I get a newsletter from a webpage for moms "Babyverden". And today they had had a link to an article about moms that get an "obsession" to have lots of things for their babies. One collects hats, other has lots of cloth diapers, and the third one has lots of slings. I understand very well the last too. I myself have many slings:
1. Stretch wrap SimplyGood
2. Stretch wrap with rings Close Baby Carrier
3. Manduca
4. Ergo
5. Ring sling SakuraBloom
6. Ring sling Vindunderbarn
7. Water ring sling Mam
8. Woven wrap Didymos
9. Meitai Du Og Jeg
Greta does not use them so often anymore, but I am sure they will be used with the next baby too, when the time comes.
And I understand the lady with the cloth diapers too. One starts with something to try, then you need different sizes, different types. Night diaper, diapers for going out, diapers for kindergarten. The good thing about cloth diapers is their natural materials, no danger for environment, cool colors, and that they help with elimination communication. The bad thing - they are still diapers, and make the child forget to control their own needs and not to understand cause and effect relation. EC is the solution.


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