Thursday, February 3, 2011

My way to a healthier life

January is gone, and I did not run after the half-marathon. The leg now feels fine, and I thought that is is time to start training again. Meanwhile, the only training activity is downhill skiing, which I see more as leisure, not training.
This summer I will participate in our local KIF-carousel races in Kongsberg. Also, the plan is to continue with half-marathons. But so far, I did not find any half-marathon race for this spring or summer that I would like to run (not all of them are listed yet). But I will run the Oslo Central Race the 7th of Mai. 10 km. Looks like the race is very well organized. I like these kind of races. The goal is to finish in 50 minutes. MyAsics made a training plan for me that starts the 3rd of March.

Isn't this exciting? I will run twice a week (since home and husband and Greta all need me so much) only this time.
February will be still dedicated to alpine skiing, since I liked it so much.
When the snow is gone, I will continue using my bicycle to kindergarten and to work. again. Weekends will also be dedicated to outside activities: bicycle, walking in the forest, the whole family.


  1. from my husband :) which planner do you use for the training?

  2. o :) like a shoes :) he wants to run half-marathon next year.

  3. wow! also there are good training programs at


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