Saturday, February 5, 2011


The sunny Saturday began with a nice walk in the sun and snow with Greta. She was extremely happy, especially because we met a cat and a dog on our way home.
For lunch we had a new asian dish with fish and rice. Yummy. Recipe here.
Good pineapple smoothie for the dessert
In the evening we visited Carlos and had a wonderful burritos dinner. Greta enjoyed the good company, and almost kissed Carlos.
Carlos made a very tasty tiramisu for us, which I have already tried. Delicious, and so authentic.
I finally dedicated some time to organize and clean the hobby/crafting/office room. The last diploma on the wall still needs its frame, and some pictures are still not on the wall, but that is the small thing. I also continue collecting Greta's toys around the house that I think she does not play with or does not like. I think it is time to leave only the things she uses, since I noticed how hard it is for her to find something to play with when all the shelves are full of stuff, and she is not just able to choose what to play with. I will probably try to sell some of it, and donate the rest. Maybe (not sure yet) something will stay for the future kids, but that things will have to comply some of my selection criteria!
The flower in Greta's room is even more beautiful now.
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