Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ksenia's day

Today all the Spanish part of out family were congratulating me because of the day of Saint Ksenia. It all began with a breakfast in the bed (lovely, and actually funny, because I was so fast this morning, that the breakfast came when I was already making the bed). Then Santi gave me another present sending me skiing while he and Greta stayed at home together, since he felt sick. Oh, I had a great time skiing, today I conquered the red slope, and I thought "Hmmm, The first time I accidentally ended up on the red slope, it made an impression of me, of how steep it was." But not today. I guess I gain some experience.
Pictures from the telephone:

In the evening we were having fun in Greta's room. I did what I planned with the flags idea on the wall, and we finally hung up prince animals on the wall. Also, we played a game with Greta saying that the bed is our little house. She liked it. Also, Greta started "scrap-booking", too. I have to take pictures of them, but she learned today to use a glue, and we made a kitty and a mouse from some cut carton paper, stars, doodle eyes etc (it came in a kit all together, but it was fun anyway).
Tomorrow is a big day for Santiago! 30 years is only once in a lifetime. I hope he likes out present!

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