Friday, February 4, 2011

finally, Friday

This has been a good week. On Monday I showed Kongsberg to some new people that came for a job interview, and they did not want to leave back home. That much they liked to be here. Than we had a good time in the swimming pool with Greta. On Tuesday Greta had a music class. On Wednesday Carlos came to visit us, and Greta was happy again. Than I was enlightened about why don't I use the reflector on the flash! I try to make some experiments with it now, and the pictures look better, without dark shadows under the eyes produced by the flash pointing directly to the ceiling. Also, now I try to use smaller aperture when I use flash, but I am not always happy with the result. At least, when I take pictures of Greta, I like that the background is nicely blurred with a bigger aperture.
Also, apparently I have some new wishes in my wishlist :-)
2. Mactotubes (well, I wanted this for some time already...)
Then, on Wednesday, I knitted more squares for Nepal project.
On Thursday we got another Christmas-New Year-Winter presents. Vika, Sasha and Emilie: thank you very much, you are so nice. I wish we could meet more often. Greta got a wooden set with fish and fishing rod with magnet so that she can go fishing :-) And very soft lamb skin slippers. We got a beautiful photo-frame and a very tasty dark chocolate. Thank you!!!

The slippers and the wooden fish smell so good! :-)
We also discovered that Greta is ready to plat Lotto. She has a mini lotto with animals, and she can put all the animals cards where they belong. By the way, she knows all the animals both in Russian and in Spanish. Some of them she says in Norwegian too. My multilingual girl!

We also got the package with the presents for Kristina's birthday, but I will show later in order not to spoil the surprise.
When she went to sleep, we watched a movie "Buried" about a guy buried alive in a coffin. Interesting. I continued with Greta's trousers, and almost all the top part is ready, soon start with the legs.

The day before we watched "The Other man" with Antonio Banderas and Liam Neeson. That was pretty weak, but little bit unexpected ending.
Today is Friday and we just relax today. Read books, play together, we'll have an Indian dinner (for the second day in a row, I suddenly love Indian meals).
Yesterday we had an Indian dinner with Indian dessert, too

Hopefully, it will snow tomorrow and we can finally make snowmen. Then we will visit Carlos for dinner and tiramisu. And ski day on Sunday!!! That is the plan. The weather is great, around 0 all the time. Looking forward for the spring!
By the way. 90 % of the kids in the kindergarten are sick, with diarrhea and vomits. How come Greta is fine? But that is a good thing that she is fine!
I got some flowers from Santiago's parents, since some time ago I found out that it is not fair that all the Spanish people have a day of their saint, but why not me? I fount out that St. Ksenia's day is the 6th of February. They do remember!

Thank you!!!
Have a good weekend!

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