Monday, January 31, 2011

The first love

I am afraid that Greta is in love... with Carlos. She knew he was coming to visit us this evening, so the whole way home from the swimming pool she was saying "Carlos... Carlos... Carlos". Santiago is a bit jealous. :-)
But when Carlos appears, Greta becomes so shy, and hides behind my back. But after a while she starts playing with him.
But... isn't it a bit early for falling in love?
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creative Sunday

Today was the day when both Greta and I got to be creative. Greta started the day my drawing on the blackboard, which allowed me to make two funny "ponytails" on her hair.

Then we painted...

And made the birthday cart for Kristina that soon will become 2 years old

And I did something I have wanted to do for a long time - put some colored paper (from my scrap-booking supplies) on the back of Greta's shelves

And while Greta were sleeping her 4-hours siesta (now I have no idea how to put her to sleep at night), I mada a scrap page

I am still looking at this pile, thinking what to sew for Greta, but still no inspiration. More new things from Ikea there, since they had it 50% discount.

Have a good start of the week!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

while mommy was skiing

Books are waiting for me

When I want a new book, I can not buy just that book, I always buy lots of them. Now we were moving books from downstairs to upstair, and I noticed how many I have that need to be read. So this is my next 10 books to read list:
1. Last Night in Twisted river by John Irving
2. The book thief by Markus Zusak
3. Our Babies, Ourselves by Meredith Small
4. The help by Kathryn Stocket
5. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
6. Tett inntil dagene by Mustafa Can
7. Grense Jakobselv by Kjartan Fløgstad
8. Hundre år by Herbjørg Wassmo
9. Ghost heart by Cecilia Samartin
10. Den senile landmåleren by Arto Paasilinna

Yet another ski day, and the toilet topic

We have bought new skis to Santiago too, so today he went downhill skiing too. We take turns, while one of us goes skiing, the other plays with Greta. Greta got a new sliding device, where we can sit both and use brakes. But she used it just a few times, and did not want anymore. We have to recover the one we had before, because someone took it in the kindergarten instead of their own. I discovered, that Greta eats much better when she is outside. She ate all the parmesan cheese and norwegian brown cheese. After a while she wanted to sleep, and slept in the car, for some time. Good that we had a babycall with us. Santiago was practicing in the kids slope, and I went to the blue slope. I am progressing, too. We have been skiing for 8!!!! hours today. That is an absolute record. We were quite lucky with the weather, but tomorrow it becomes cold again.
About the toilet topic. Greta continues being diaper-free, and we enjoy it. Yesterday in the pizza restaurant she just took me by the hand, and went towards the toilet, saying "pis pis". I thought that was strange, since she went to the toilet just before be left home. But, of course, she was right again, and she needed to go. This morning right after waking up, she took of her pajama pants and said "pis pis". Then went down from the bed to the potty. How much do I enjoy that we understand each other so well.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Greta starts saying phrases

This morning I was juicing oranges, and Greta came to the kitchen. I said "Mommy makes juice" (Мама делает сок). Greta looked at me and said "Mommy makes juice" (Мама делает сок), turned around and went looking for some interesting books. Wow! I am happily surprised!
In the kindergarten they confirmed the same. She speaks with sentences now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing super-food

Decided. I ordered some super-food today to make some improvements of out diet.
  • hemp protein powder to add to pancakes and breakfast smoothies
  • coconut oil to make the same pancakes in, and to make raw homemade chocolate
  • spirulina to make food green to add to smoothies and fresh juices
  • bee pollen also for smoothies
  • raw cacao and cacao drops for making raw (better) chocolate
Looking forward to get all that!

But tonight's dinner is just sushi. Yummy!

Memories: the last time I used wrap sling

My Didymos Geckos, last time used in Fuerteventura, March 2010. Almost a year ago. Miss that time. Now there is no way Greta wants to sit in it. Maybe I should, actually, try?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to help little people in Nepal not to freeze

It is really cold in Nepal, and small newborn kids usually do not have much clothing. If you have some yarn rests and can knit (or crochet), you can help them by making 15x15 cm squares. Send them to the address that you find in the link, they put them all together and send to Nepal. It does help. I have already started, today I will continue with some other rests I have.

nepaltepper: info om nepalteppeprosjektet: "Kristin og Erik Bøhler arbeider på Okhaldunga sykehus i Nepal. Nepal er et land med høye fjell og kalde vintre og sykehuset de jobber ved li..."

Greta talking

"оть ась" = еще мультиков про крота, пожалуйста (please, more cartoons about the little mole)
"Атики" = мультики (cartoons)
"тИтя ась" = еще тити, пожалуйста (more breast milk :-))
"Осо сИтте" = сиди, медведь! (Sit, bear!)
"сять" = снять (что-то из одежды) (Take off some clothing)
"паталОн" или "тянЫ" - штаны (trousers)
"Окка" = мокро - это если что мимо горшка случится (wet)
"папЭль" = бумага, испанский (paper)
"суп ась" = дать какой-нибудь еды, желательно супа (give me some food, preferably soup)
"сеть" = сесть (I want to sit)
"сЯкка" = шапка (hat, cap)
"кУка" = кукла, она же куртка (doll or jacket (context-depending))
"кИйка" = наклейка (sticker)
"Ачака" = бабочка (butterfly)
"тИтя" = титя или птица, или пицца (breast, or bird, or pizza :-))
"сякалАка" = шоколадка (chocolate)
"акАкаля" = покакала (I went potty)
"ись, ись" или "Исяла" = пописила (I went potty, peed)
"Итя" = Грета (Greta)
"каОва" или "Ака"= корова (cow)
"сякАка" = собака (dog)
"Осо" = медведь (bear)
"Иа" = ослик или лошадка (horse or mule)
"Иба" = рыба (fish)
"акУа" = акула, иногда дельфин или тюлень тоже (shark, or dolphin, or seal)
"сЮка" = морской котик, тюлень (seal)
"сЯка" = зайка (rabbit)
"кыль" = открой, или отклей, или наклей (open, or put the sticker on or off)
"Ися" или "Ата" = киса (cat)
"исА" = лиса (fox)
"Окк" = волк (wolf)
"амОн" = хамон (spanish ham)
"тОт" = торт (cake)
"сяк" = шарик или садик (balloon or kindergarten)
"Ачь" = мяч (ball)
"нннннА" = луна (moon)
"асИня" = машина (car)
"тАтол" = трактор (tractor)
"титОк" = цветок (flower)
"соль" = солнце (sun)
"Ауа" или "уадА" = вода (water)
"такАнь" = стакан (glass)
"атИкки" = ботинки (shooes)
"Акки" = тапки (slippers)
"уха" = ухо (ear)
"алякА" = голова (head)
"оть" или "Ока" = рот (mouth)
"укА" = рука (hand)
"акА" = нога (foot)
"акО" = окно (window)
"сек" = снег (snow)
"Усика" = музыка (music)
"атикАть" = бегемот, обезьяна, и все остальные странные животные (hippopotamus, monkey, or any other strange animal)
"силАф" = жираф (giraffe)
"какадИль" = крокодил (crocodile)
"сонь" = слон (elephant)
"сясясОн" = телефон (telephone)
"Утя" = утка (duck)
"Ись" = вниз (let's go downstairs)
"сЫль" = сыр (cheese)
"сссьть" = самолет (airplane)
"итЕка" = печенька (cookie)
"асЯсь" = изюм или спасибо, по-испански (raisins, or thanks, in spanish)

I am sure it is much much more that she says, I just try to write these things in order not to forget them :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A cake without flour

Now we are enjoying this fresh chocolate cake without flour (instead I used almonds). Recipe here
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Ah, nice day

Greta in the musical mood today. First we were at our children music class, and at home she wanted to continue, so that she asked to play the piano. When I fetched her from the kindergarten, people there were telling me how intelligent she is. They had the pictures of all the kids on the wall, and Greta told me the names of all (!!!) of them, and Gro (who works there) confirmed that everything was correct. She says that she is so funny when she sits on the potty with a book. Today another kid came in and tried to take her book in the middle of the process, Greta said "Nei, min" (No, mine). She understands and uses all three languages, russian and spanish with us, at home, and norwegian in the kindergarten. Sometimes at home she plays with her toys and says to the bear "Sitte, sitte" (sit, sit). After the music class today she wanted to take her clothes on by herself, and managed quite good with the shoes too.
For the dinner I prepared these things with ham and cheese inside. Santiago likes them :-)
This thing (should go and check its name) we bought at ikea last time started to bloom. Beautiful!
And we received a nice present from Tania and Adrian, thank you guys! Greta should try these water paints.

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Monday, January 24, 2011


Normal Monday. Work, swimming pool, home. Greta eats smoothie with a spoon on the sofa. Warm bath, sofa time. Let´s go to sleep now.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Finally, the pictures of the northern lights!



I do not know how could we live without weekends. It is so much fun. Greta in the weekends is much more rested, calm, fun, nice and playful.
Now she discovered that she has tiny swimming glasses and uses them every day at home

The weather is so good these days! And every day there is more light. Tulips look beautiful on the dining table. They remind me that the spring comes soon.

Greta plays blocks. Builds and breaks, and builds again.

Today we had another ski day. Santiago and Greta went for 10 km round with pulk, and Greta tried alpine skis again, this time together with me, and then I was skiing by myself for a while when they stayed at home to sleep.

Wjen I came home, I saw this picture.... Greta was watching her favourite cartoons about the mole and fell asleep.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New norwegian books

Today Greta got all these books from our friends that have kids who have already grown out of them. I actually like the books myself, and Santiago says he could improve his norwegian by reading them too. Many books about a dog called Tassen. I am still not sure how to organize the norwegian part of Greta's learning, but I do realize we needed some more norwegian books here at home. Besides, the ones we hd until now we far too simple for Greta, so she needed something to continue with. Now she has!
Thank you, Hilde-Marie, Willian, Cathrine and Jan Olav!
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About judgments

I have noticed how much judging is around people every day. People judge others of doing something, or not doing it, of saying something, of thinking differently. Especially clear I see it between mothers. The expectations of what a mother should do or not do today are far too high. It does not include just upbringing your children it the best possible way, it also means keeping your house perfectly clean at all the times, cook healthy and warm dinner every day, bake cakes, have your husband happy and your children busy, healthy, clean and neat. And all of that together with the full-time job, of course! Nobody expects anything of that from the men. Take, for example, a cake baking. It is often the mother's job. And it is almost always the mother who should check if the child has enough socks/pants etc. and to buy if necessary. Or buy birthday presents. If something is not perfect, it is asked from the mother. The requirements for the mother are just too high. Why does this happen? I think, it is because many mothers compare themselves with other mothers in the kindergarten, at school, in blogs and internet, in general. They think of what other mothers do wrong or not do like they do themselves.
This post is not to offend anybody, just some thoughts I had in my head today. It is not a complain of any kind. I do enjoy doing most of "mother job" things myself, as most mothers do. I just think mother has a necessity to show the world that they are doing the things the "right" way, that is all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank you for the nice evening

We have had a very nice evening with our friends Åsa Li, Fredrik and little Lo, with a wonderful soup (which Greta happily ate). Girls kinda played "together", we laughed and talked. We should meet more often! Thank you!

PS. No pictures of you, since I am not sure you want me to publish them here. Just let me know, guys!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Memories: oslo minimaraton 2010

Greta fell asleep just before the race, so I had to complete it for her :-) Good that we can babywear, so that we can do anything else at the same time. She slept in the Manduca the race and woke up with a medal!

How long should a mother breastfeed?

Some people are bothered by others breastfeeding, others look surprised, some do not understand.
What does La Leche League International think about long breastfeeding:
How long should a mother breastfeed?
A mother and her baby should breastfeed for as long as they wish to breastfeed. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently (2005) recommends: "Pediatricians and parents should be aware that exclusive breastfeeding is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for approximately the first 6 months of life and provides continuing protection against diarrhea and respiratory tract infection. Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child." * As solids are introduced, usually around the middle of the first year, your baby will shift his primary source of nutrition from your milk to other foods.

All the benefits of human milk—including nutritional and health—continue for as long as your baby receives your milk. In fact, as your baby takes less human milk, these advantages are condensed into what milk is produced. Many of the health benefits of human milk are dose related, that is, the longer the baby receives human milk, the greater are the benefits.

And good written about breastfeeding a toddler:

Dr. Jack Newman's session, "Breastfeed a Toddler? Why on Earth? Is There Any Reason to Do It?" opened with a discussion about "normal" breastfeeding. Until recently, the cultural norm was to breastfeed into the second and third year of life and beyond. This wasn't considered "extended breastfeeding" by any means. It was the norm in most societies. Breastfeeding was key to survival, and the more difficult life was, the longer mothers nursed their children. While Newman recognized that Western society doesn't support toddler nursing, he pointed out that was not a good reason to stop.

Newman went on to talk about formula being used in therapeutic instances, likening it to the use of a drug. He elaborated by saying that there are times when pharmaceuticals have great benefit to patients -- times when they save lives. However, they shouldn't be overused. Newman believes that formula should not be considered a choice or an equal alternative to human milk.

In a discussion of starting solids before six months of age, Newman commented that eating food isn't just about nutrition. It's about achieving a milestone and starting to join in as a regular member of the family. Milestones are achieved, not forced.

Common concerns associated with nursing a toddler were also addressed. Some health care professionals comment, "There is no nutritional value of human milk beyond a certain age." Newman called this an unbelievable statement. He wondered aloud how human milk suddenly became white water after a certain age when, before that age, breastfeeding had all sorts of benefits to mother and baby. The concern that extended breastfeeding will prevent a child from developing his own immunity was discussed. In reality, breastfeeding provides passive protection via mother's immunities that come in human milk, but also stimulation to a child's immune system. A breastfed child has a more mature immune system.

Another concern Newman often hears is that breastfeeding a toddler will cause dependency. He pointed out that all three-year-olds tend to be pretty dependent on their mothers. Breastfeeding provides a sense of security and love that will help foster independence rather than create dependence. Newman stated that loving human contact does not cause harm to a child.

Personally, I do not see any problem with extended breastfeeding, especially considering the fact that we are blessed with a high-need child. I realize that she will probably not wean soon, so I just celebrate that we have the good thing going here and are able to enjoy it as long as we can.

Books for 5 yo and 8 yo

Some of our friends are willing to donate us some of their old baby-books, so we will go someday to choose something interesting. But we are thinking to make a little present for them, too.
The girl, 8yo, apparently likes to knit. Cool. I am thinking of giving her a book about knitting doll-clothes, but maybe she does not play with dolls anymore? This is one of the possibilities:
Strikk koselige klær til dukken by Målfrid Gausel

For the boy, 5yo, something more universal. Sven Nordkvist, maybe?
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