Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next race?

I want to continue running. I did like the experience of running half a marathon in Tromsø. And I actually enjoyed it. I want to run another half a marathon, and run regularly, too. I, probably, should just choose the next race I want to run and train for it.
BUT. My leg is still hurting. Now the muscle pain goes away, and I clearly feel the same pain as the week before Tromsø. The doctor looked at me, and said that he does not know how to help me, just wait a couple of weeks. If the pain persists, maybe I will need an x-ray. It is the hip. It hurts deep inside when there is vertical pressure (walking, running, sitting in some strange ways).
I also wanted to try my new alpine skis this weekend. I hope I can do that. And we rented the "pulk" (what is the english word?) for the weekend, so that Santi can take Greta with him on his normal skis (there should be an english word for normal skis too, right?), while I try mine.
Ok, I should continue treating my hip. Will go put some pain gel on it.

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