Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today Greta becomes a 21-month old child. One more month. She is still a little girl, not very tall, and quite lightweight, probably still 10 kg.
This month she had many interesting things going on in the kindergarten, and she traveled a lot with us to Sweden and to Tromsø.
In general, she became much more active (even more...), all the movements became very precise, climbs up and down everywhere, her drawings has changed a lot too. Now they almost always have circles and dots, so they look like faces :-) But Greta thinks that it is Moon. She likes to build high towers with blocks, compose puzzles (especially with animals). Her favorite animals are rabbits, cats, bears, sharks, fish, fox, horses... and crocodiles.
She says a lot of words now. Repeats many after us, in all languages. When she needs to breastfeed, she always says so, "titya", even when she sleeps.
Still 14 teeth. But the bottom canines are coming soon, I guess.
Pictures of the last month:
1. Suddenly we found sombreros that we bought at out summer vacation in France. Greta loved to pose with it.

2. (Re)decorating the Christmas tree.

3. Making gingerbread house.

4. Nøtholmen, Strømstad, Sweden

5. At Strømstad house with Kate and Max

6. Playing with one of the Christmas presents - wooden fruit.

7. Another Christmas present behind Greta - Kate and Max´s buildind puzzle blocks.

8. Santi teaches Greta to use tripod and remote shoot on the camera.

9. The second time on skis this year, the first was with alpine skis

10. Greta loves her dolls

11. Beautiful dress - used only 1 minute, because Greta made me take it off her!

12. Very important things also must be done on the 1st of january!

13. Fun with the tunnel games

14. Fun eating soup

15. Fun with stuffed polar bears in Tromsø

16. Fun in the swimming pool


  1. :) What can I say...
    cute wonderful dresses are done for the mum but a little girl prefer t-shirts :)

  2. that is right. it is good that the dress is quite big, probably it will be her size for the next 2 years too :-) maybe she will become more girlish


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