Sunday, January 23, 2011


I do not know how could we live without weekends. It is so much fun. Greta in the weekends is much more rested, calm, fun, nice and playful.
Now she discovered that she has tiny swimming glasses and uses them every day at home

The weather is so good these days! And every day there is more light. Tulips look beautiful on the dining table. They remind me that the spring comes soon.

Greta plays blocks. Builds and breaks, and builds again.

Today we had another ski day. Santiago and Greta went for 10 km round with pulk, and Greta tried alpine skis again, this time together with me, and then I was skiing by myself for a while when they stayed at home to sleep.

Wjen I came home, I saw this picture.... Greta was watching her favourite cartoons about the mole and fell asleep.


  1. вот это выходные! вот это я понимаю

  2. не могу я дома сидеть, шило у меня в попе :-)


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