Friday, January 21, 2011

About judgments

I have noticed how much judging is around people every day. People judge others of doing something, or not doing it, of saying something, of thinking differently. Especially clear I see it between mothers. The expectations of what a mother should do or not do today are far too high. It does not include just upbringing your children it the best possible way, it also means keeping your house perfectly clean at all the times, cook healthy and warm dinner every day, bake cakes, have your husband happy and your children busy, healthy, clean and neat. And all of that together with the full-time job, of course! Nobody expects anything of that from the men. Take, for example, a cake baking. It is often the mother's job. And it is almost always the mother who should check if the child has enough socks/pants etc. and to buy if necessary. Or buy birthday presents. If something is not perfect, it is asked from the mother. The requirements for the mother are just too high. Why does this happen? I think, it is because many mothers compare themselves with other mothers in the kindergarten, at school, in blogs and internet, in general. They think of what other mothers do wrong or not do like they do themselves.
This post is not to offend anybody, just some thoughts I had in my head today. It is not a complain of any kind. I do enjoy doing most of "mother job" things myself, as most mothers do. I just think mother has a necessity to show the world that they are doing the things the "right" way, that is all.

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