Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everydays music

Now is really the time when I started feeling that the normal everyday routine started. Greta goes to the kindergarten every day, she even does not want to go home after it. At home we have nice evenings, good meals, some reading/playing music/playing games/watching cartoons :-)) Today in the kindergarten we had a "light celebration", which means that now every day there is more light, and the nights become shorter. The kids (the older ones) were walking in the forest between the snow with the light torches, and then sang a song. And we had some hot chocolate and muffins.
Every day I see my brand new sewing machine and this unused pile. I want to start sewing something, I already have some books with instructions, some ideas, but I do not know why I can not start. Need some inspiration.
From time to time I retake my knitted birdie, now it is only the bird which is left. The nest and the egg are finished. The toy is reversible. It should be possible to convert the egg to the bluebird.

Sofia the cat enjoys the warmth of the bathroom floor, and Greta started eating up the m&m´s from the gingerbread house. The Christmas tree is gone (I hope we can manage to take the boxes to the storage room now), and the rest of the decorations too. Now it is tome to look forward to Santiago´s birthday in February, and to Easter in April. Mmmm, nice!

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