Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creative Sunday

Today was the day when both Greta and I got to be creative. Greta started the day my drawing on the blackboard, which allowed me to make two funny "ponytails" on her hair.

Then we painted...

And made the birthday cart for Kristina that soon will become 2 years old

And I did something I have wanted to do for a long time - put some colored paper (from my scrap-booking supplies) on the back of Greta's shelves

And while Greta were sleeping her 4-hours siesta (now I have no idea how to put her to sleep at night), I mada a scrap page

I am still looking at this pile, thinking what to sew for Greta, but still no inspiration. More new things from Ikea there, since they had it 50% discount.

Have a good start of the week!


  1. You are all very creative, but Greta is the best ;)
    to the last picture: it's growing and growing :)

  2. thanks! I want to start sewing, but it will be my first time since school :-) so I have to choose something really easy :-)

  3. i really recommend to buy ottobre: nice things, good description.
    the best thing to try is curtain or bed-clothes:)

  4. noooo, I think curtains and bed-cloths are boring :-) I have got some books with patterns for kids from 0 to 3 years old. I think I will start there. what language is ottobre?

  5. ok, I saw the webpage, I can choose english if i want, and they deliver to norway too. cool!


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