Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yet another ski day, and the toilet topic

We have bought new skis to Santiago too, so today he went downhill skiing too. We take turns, while one of us goes skiing, the other plays with Greta. Greta got a new sliding device, where we can sit both and use brakes. But she used it just a few times, and did not want anymore. We have to recover the one we had before, because someone took it in the kindergarten instead of their own. I discovered, that Greta eats much better when she is outside. She ate all the parmesan cheese and norwegian brown cheese. After a while she wanted to sleep, and slept in the car, for some time. Good that we had a babycall with us. Santiago was practicing in the kids slope, and I went to the blue slope. I am progressing, too. We have been skiing for 8!!!! hours today. That is an absolute record. We were quite lucky with the weather, but tomorrow it becomes cold again.
About the toilet topic. Greta continues being diaper-free, and we enjoy it. Yesterday in the pizza restaurant she just took me by the hand, and went towards the toilet, saying "pis pis". I thought that was strange, since she went to the toilet just before be left home. But, of course, she was right again, and she needed to go. This morning right after waking up, she took of her pajama pants and said "pis pis". Then went down from the bed to the potty. How much do I enjoy that we understand each other so well.

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