Sunday, December 29, 2013

Boring blanket

You can not have too many blankets. Especially, with such a soft yarn as Holst supersoft. There are different variations of this blanket, you can either knit it vertically or in diagonal. Diagonal is a bit more fun, since there are a bit of increasing and decreasing here and there. Plus stripes also add something to look forward to in a middle of endless rows.

Marius hat

Yet another rest yarn project. A variation of a Marius hat in white instead of blue. The top is red, since I was running out of both white and blue. But I did finish all the yarn, good job!

Cotton dress

Look such a nice green winter we have this year. We took this pictures outside, just like this. This little dress was made during our Christmas days in the mountain cabin, simple and nice.

Monday, December 16, 2013

This year's present for friends

… was going to be homemade vanilla extract, but the bottles I ordered did not arrive yet. This was the alternative present. White chocolate with roasted almonds and dried cherries. Mmmmmmm :-)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More baking!

Lots of baking. Since Greta and Santiago were going to grill sausages in the forest today, they needed some moe gingerbread cookies to take with them. Good we still have lots of dough. So before the breakfast Greta started baking:

And decorating:

And so they were gone, and Samuel and me had to do some house cleaning :-) So hop on my back, dear!

The happy boy became sleepy right after vacuum cleaning the house and washing the floors.

And when she was back, she had to decorate the gingerbread house just a bit more.

A new week starts tomorrow, have a good one.
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