Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorating gingerbread cookies

Baking and decorating gingerbread cookies is a fun way to look at your child. Every year you intervene less and less. Now I only made the dough and rolled it on the counter, since it was a bit hard. Greta is perfectly capable of cutting the shapes and decorating all by herself.

Also, I thought I would briefly write pieces of conversations that occur between Greta and me on our way home from kindergarten. We usually walk, so it takes a while to get home, but I really enjoy us having time to talk. Usually it is questions she asks me, or things she tells me about her day. Like today:
- How do pine cones appear on the trees?
- How does the water inside of me becomes tears?
- How did they build that yellow house?
- I see three stars: two on the sky, and one in that house (Christmas decoration start in the window)
- Look! That star is flying so fast! (A plane in the sky)
- Now we can not see any more stars, because they are hiding behind the trees.
- Who made stones?
- Look, there is a cat and a dog walking (that was two dogs, but really small ones)
- Why does daddy want to eat dinner with his colleagues from work tonight?
- Sofia uses the cage when she needs to go to the cat-dentist (somehow Greta calls many doctors dentists)

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