Monday, April 4, 2011

Constantly updated wishlist

Just all the cool things I find out there.
6. Prints
7. Fabric.
Liberty fabric. Tana Lawn.
Felicite cornflower:
Strawberry Thief
Vinyl fabrics from ebay
Ponte di Roma knit fabric
Lecien fabrics. Holiday Happy

Myllymuksut PUL:

8. Sports equipment
- Alpine helmet for me
- Ice-skates for Greta

9. Cups

10. Clothing for me:
A pair of trousers for me. Something like his?
Sweaters for me:
acne sweater
some of these cardigans:
large chunky knit sweater

Raincoat for me

Asos and people tree clothing from

Wrap Dress from Etsy

Wrap dress from

Janus wool for me

Neutral trench
11. Stormy seas by Hape

12. Clothing for Greta:
Tom og Trine wool underwear
Milk, Copenhagen
Peruvian alpakka sweaters
one of the Helly Hansen jackets

some of Rain clothing

or reflex

Trysil socks
Joha socks

Mims Cardigan from mini numph

13. BOOKs!
The little drummer girl by John Le Carre
Gunnhild ÿyehaug. Vente, blinke
The Charming man by Marian Keyes
Last chance saloon by Marian Keyes
Rumour has it by Jill Mansell
Nikolai Brandal ; Eirik Brazier ; Ola Teige. Den mislykkede spionen : fortellingen om kunstneren, journalisten og landssvikeren Alfred Hagn
Johan Theorin. Skumringstimen
Johan Theorin. Nattefokk
Leif G.W. Persson. Mellom sommerens lengsel og vinterens kulde : en roman om en forbrytelse
Winnie The Pooh books in Russian:
DinoDino books in Spanish
Jamie Oliver books
GI-oppskrifter for hele familie
Victoria Hislop. The return

Karl Ove KnausgÂrd. Min kamp 3 -...
Cecilie Enger. Himmelstormen

Lisa Jewell. After the Party
Lawrence Hill. Someone knows my name
Ian McEwan. Black dogs
The piano teacher. Janice Lee
Indra Sinha. Animals people
Something to tell you. Hanif Kureishi
Ole Robert Sunde. All verdens smÂting - L¯s¯re - Selvomsorg
Juliet, naked. Nick Hornby
Carl Frode Tiller. Insirkling and Insirkling 2

Haruki murakami. Kafka p stranden
Lars Saabye Christensen. Bernard Hvals Forsnakkelser
Brida. Paulo Coelho
Helga Flatland. Alle vil hjem, ingen vil tilbake
Brit Bild¯en. Adam Hjorths veg
G¯hril Gabrielsen. Skadedyr
Jeg tenker nok du skj¯nner det sj¯l. Jon Gangdal
Bill Bryson. A short History of Nearly Everything
Per fugelli. R¯d resept
Umberto Eco. Il cimitero di Praga


Den store Roald Dahl boken (or maybe in Russian)

Elizabeth Zimmerman's knitting books

Ann Budd's knitting books

Martin Storey knitting books

Tourist books

19. Shooes. 

Dr martens

these cool green shoes
flip flops
winter boots

20. Christmas!

22. Mummin mugs. Already have: Moomintroll on ice, Snorkmaiden, Mymble, Hattifatteners, 2010 christmas special cup, Family, sniff 2008
23. Lunch and bento stuff:

Ghost cutters

24. Playsilks

25. Jewellery

26. Cool wallpaper:
28. Board games


29. Ukeleke

31. Blanket

32. Male gift ideas

33. Nice pillowcase from Kremmerhuset

36. Things from Kinu

37. Rubens kids


  1. nice wishes :) why do you want to have a apple screen? it is too shiny! as a programmer i'm getting tired of it in 2-3 hours.

  2. it is not a screen what i want, but the whole computer. I dont plan to sit with it the whole day (i have enough of computer at work, anyway). And I would like something good to use photo-software, like Lightroom, for example. I cant use it on my little MacBook, it becomes reeeeeally slow. :-(

  3. Denis has a Mac Pro station at work with the and last Saturday I was working in his office and got a head ache... But for home I love Mac :) we have 17" MacBookPro :)

  4. maybe you should configure some brightness/contrast settings on the monitor? I love my little MacBook, but the photo software is to heavy for it...


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