Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah, nice day

Greta in the musical mood today. First we were at our children music class, and at home she wanted to continue, so that she asked to play the piano. When I fetched her from the kindergarten, people there were telling me how intelligent she is. They had the pictures of all the kids on the wall, and Greta told me the names of all (!!!) of them, and Gro (who works there) confirmed that everything was correct. She says that she is so funny when she sits on the potty with a book. Today another kid came in and tried to take her book in the middle of the process, Greta said "Nei, min" (No, mine). She understands and uses all three languages, russian and spanish with us, at home, and norwegian in the kindergarten. Sometimes at home she plays with her toys and says to the bear "Sitte, sitte" (sit, sit). After the music class today she wanted to take her clothes on by herself, and managed quite good with the shoes too.
For the dinner I prepared these things with ham and cheese inside. Santiago likes them :-)
This thing (should go and check its name) we bought at ikea last time started to bloom. Beautiful!
And we received a nice present from Tania and Adrian, thank you guys! Greta should try these water paints.

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