Saturday, February 12, 2011


Greta from 1 year 9 months to 1 year 10 months.
She is a very happy and sweet girl. She loves people, good company, friends and guests who come to visit us. The interesting thing of the month is Greta helping in the kitchen. Today we had guests too, and she was tearing the basil leaves from the plant and putting it to a bowl. So nice.
She keeps things in order, and puts her drawing things to the shelf after using them.
Love to play with the water, and transfer water from one glass to another. Does this in the kitchen sink, and in the bathroom.
When the wants to go to sleep, she watches the cartoon about the mole, and then says "Good night, mole" or "Bye bye, mole", and then we go upstairs. No more crying!
She knows the colors, and says as she plays: синий... сийоний, сётий....
She loves our cat and calls her Сисия
Our games in the kitchen help us to make her eat a little bit more, today she ate half of the tortilla (by the way, I still did not find where she put the rests), cucumbers and tomatoes. Loves yoghurt, always helps daddy eat his :-) Eats it quite fast too :-)
She poses for the camera, comes to see how the previous picture looked like, then runs to pose again (see the last picture, with the bear), does some postures, freezes for the picture, then runs back to look again.
Soon the will have the lower canines, already see some white spots there.
Now, just pictures of the last month:
1. Helping with the ikea furniture
2. Skiing with daddy in the pulk
3. Just hugging a bunny
4. Trying on the water glasses
5. Again...
6. Sneezing :-)
7. Building
8. Skiing
9. Watching the mole and drinking smoothie
10. Playing the piano
11. Eating an orange
12. Just being herself
13. Trying on some new hat...
14. And some letter cookies
15. And the chocolate
16. And new slippers
17. And having a good time outside with the snow
18. And loving the teddy bear


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