Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The long weekend

I know I have been away for a long time lately, we were so busy. First with the preparation of Greta's birthday party, then we went to Spain for mor than a week, and this weekend we went to Rjukn (again). Now I will try to post more often, even there are more things coming soon that require a lot of time. But I will do mu best, you will get post and pictures (I still owe you the Spain trip pictures)
So, after the race in Oslo and a great time with our friends there, we left to Rjukan. We were on the road for a long time, because it was late, the outgoing traffic from Oslo was not the best, the road we were going to take was closed. So we were there pretty late and went just to bed.
The next morning we saw how beautifut Gaustatoppen was (as always). Can not believe last year more or less the same time we got up there and there was so little snow then.

Of course, I forgot to mention that Greta started being warm, but the idea of sitting inside for 4 days was not very attractive, so we went for a short walk. Greta practiced a bit with her balance cycle.

And right to bad again (when she is ill now, she just says all the time that she wants to go to bed)

The next morning the snow started again, and we started being worried of not be able to go back since we had summer tires. But the snow was gone from the road in a matter of hours, so Santiago was sent to to town to buy some fruit and yarn for me to finish (almost) Greta's new sweater.

Little by little she gets better and plays a bit from time to time. Kate, see hoe much she loves your birthday present.

And this morning I was taking the last pictures of Gaustatoppen on the road swings right from the car.

Greta was feeling good this morning so we headed to the playground to have some fun. Yeah, there were playgrounds closer to the mountain house, too, but they we just covered with snow and water. Brrr.

I am pretty happy with the pictures my new iPhone takes. And love Instagram (follow me there, kseniasanchez) and Hipstamatic.

I can't stop laughing when I look at this picture. Santiago has a sun instead of a head here.

Did you have a good weekend?
PS. Greta is still warm and I think we skip the kindergarten tomorrow. Have to get better!
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