Friday, May 4, 2012

Pals, Spain

It is time for me to tell about our trip to Spain now, little by little. Right after we arrived, we rented a car and drove from Barcelona airport in direction to Pals. We had to stop halfway, bacause our little passenger needed to use a potty (good we have a travel potty for car trips) and to pick some flowers.

This is the car we got. 1.2 Opel Corsa (if I remember correctly)

Then we drove right to Pals. I read about how beautiful the beach is, so I just wanted to see it myself.

I loved it!

But it was soooooo windy. The water was real nice, and if it was not for the wind, we would bath of course.

Great place for kids, too.

So we had lunch there right in front of the beach. Greta enjoys her pizza.

And then they go for a walk (which tured out to be pretty long), while I enjoy the view and the wind.

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