Monday, June 3, 2013

My weekend

While Greta and Santiago are in Spain, I decided to went for a hike in the mountain. I felt I needed to connect with nature. The original plan was to go to the top of Hallingskarvet, but the road there was closed. So I needed an alternative plan, and went to another top - with a view to Hardangervidda. You are supposed to see Gaustatoppen from there on a good day (but it was not one of those days).
Driving in the mountain:

The start of the hike. Looking north to Hallingskarvet.

This was my route to Ustetind

It was not much more than 3 km to walk.

The nature is always beautiful everywhere in Norway. There it still looked like spring, while here in Kongsberg it is summer.

Finally at the top. Looking north to Hallingskarvet, again.

But then the clouds came in no time and covered everything. This is looking south to Hardangervidda. The visibility soon was no more than 20 meters ahead, so I went down, while it was snowing a bit.

The way down was much easier for a pregnant lady like me. And the weather got better too.

I had a great walk in the mountain and a beautiful drive home. Did you have a good weekend?


  1. Ты совсем одна по горам гуляла? Не страшно? :)

  2. а кого там бояться то? бывает же такое - хочется от всех людей подальше уехать, хотя бы на несколько часиков. горы - самый подходящий вариант!

  3. красиво? ждем в гости )

  4. Я, если честно, уже собиралась писать письмо-расспрос, когда лучше ехать, сколько денег брать, где дешево остановиться, если не планировать, то хотя бы помечтать)))

  5. ну если приедешь, то запросто можешь останавливаться у нас


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