Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Sunday in pictures

In the forest.
Yellow boots.
Sunny morning.
Singing songs.
While nobody can hear us.
The day completely opposite to yesterday. After a walk in the forest, we had ice cream with strawberries, made veggie soup with all the rests from the fridge, played lego and play-doh, and then got outside.

After lunch we spent some time in the garden, playing and making it look nice, too. We cut the grass, we played with soap bubbles, replanted Greta´s seeds and took care of my avocado tree. The sun lost yesterday came back today, and we enjoyed our time outside.

We also got us some strawberries and planted them in the place where we used to have some flowers years ago. No doubt we love strawberries, today we had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The garden looks decent now so it feels good to spend every minute there outside. Maybe we will even get some berries this season, too?
There was also an intention to bake a cheesecake, but the only shop that opens on Sundays did not have cheese nor vanilla.
We also played a while on the playground, before the evening snack and a nice snuggle in bed with Greta and a book. It always so difficult not to fall asleep with her there, so soft and warm she is like still a baby.
Good day spent doing simple things. Just things that make us happy, and make us closer. Everything we see around us is so beautiful. It felt like the longest day I ever lived. Just one long day. The weather also knew we needed a beautiful day today to change our batteries for the whole next week. It is still just two of us. That is ok. If the days are like today. Nice not to do anything but have done so many things at the same time.
Have you started your holidays?
Have a good start of the week. Kisses!

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