Sunday, May 5, 2013

Today at our home

I cut my hair again, yesterday, kind of getting used to short hair. After that I went to Oslo for the vegetarian festival, so I was a bit tired in the evening and it was early bed for me. Today we got up early and decided to make focaccia that would be so great with the aioli I bougth at the festival yesterday. After some time, the whole family got up and was ready to start the day. The good thing is that today is much better weather than yesterday!

So here was focaccia ready. I just needed some more vegetables to eat it with for lunch, so I went to get some later.

Meanwhile, Greta reminded me that she wanted us to sew something for the baby. So we finished the body we had started on before.

The lunch was great, focaccia is just made for aioli, beans, sprouts, cherry tomatoes and red onions.

Later Greta and I played a while outside, Greta watched some Timmy Time while I knitted, Greta ha her evening snacks too.

After this I took Greta to visit her best friend Nikoline from the kindergarten, and they had good time together. Santiago meanwhile needed some quality time for himself to go for a bicycle trip. When these two girls get together, it gets LOUD! I bet all the neighbourhood could hear them. But it was fun.
Tomorrow Greta is going for her first tennis lesson, I am so excited. The next week is also going to be good weather, and my parents are coming on Thursday. This will be fun!
There was some working in the evening, and now we are watching a movie and eating ice cream with passion fruit for topping. Yum!
Have a great start of the week.


  1. Just looks like you have 100 hours a day, not just 24! Keep on going like this :) and..our warmest congratulations ;)

  2. Thanks, well, apparently more hours during the weekends. :-) How are you doing?

  3. Thanks for replying :) Basically, studying (Alvaro) and working (me). No big plans yet :(
    I understand Greta so well when she gets happy about her new top or dress...I definitly need to learn to sew...It's just so wonderful!
    Happy weekends :)))

  4. Good to hear that. I am not so good at sewing, basically learnt by myself, byt there are good books and magazines out there to get start with.


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