Sunday, May 26, 2013

Marius, too warm for now

I am preparing for winter in advance again. But you never know, it might be cold in summer too. Luckily, it is big enough to wait for Greta to get bigger before she can wear it. Greta likes it, but she agrees to wait until it fits better. So it will wait.

 Mariusgenser med rundfelling I knitted is a bit different from the original one. Usually it is mainly blue, but I switched blue with white, since Greta wanted it in white. I used Gale garn Baby Ull yarn, because it is very soft. The pattern comes in a pattern magazine, so there are more similar designs available there.

The pattern is for kids all ages, but I made the size 4 years old. I knew beforehand it would be too big for Greta, but considering how slow I am knitting, it is wise to knit always a big size. I used approximately 1.2 of white, 0.7 blue and 0.2 red yarn color. Anyway, whenever Greta is big enough to wear it, I think she will like it! I am satisfied this time!

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