Friday, May 17, 2013

The 17th of May

The national day started wery promising, no rain at all, and the happy child. So we headed to the town and had a good time watching the beautiful Norwegians everywhere. But Greta was just not in the mood, you can see on the second picture. So after a while she asked to please please go home, almost crying. Also, today is the last day the grandparents are here, so it will be sad for her to say good bye until the next time.

 After some resting and lunch at home, she was happy again, the sun came out, and we went for a short walk, basicly to the playground and paint with chalk on the road.

 She is a busy lady now, talking on a phone all the time. She even sent me three sms today: two of them empty and one saying "Call me later".

I hope you had a great Norwegian National day.

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