Sunday, May 26, 2013

One of the warmest days!

We are really lucky with the weekends lately, great weather while it rains the rest of the week. It is really nice to spend time outside now, even hard to believe that days ago we were wearing jackets. Maybe we even got sunburnt? We will see tomorrow!!
The day were just screaming: get outside! Nice to have good weather so early in spring/summer. Tomorrow is another week, a short one for Greta and Santiago since they will go to Spain already on Wednesday.
This morning I decided to wash the car, and Greta wanted to help. So this was our morning. I also miss some fysical activity, it is less and less running and tennis every time, so this was the best I came up with today. So after me washing the worst part away on the gas station, we started the handwash. Greta loved it. I understand this, I remember we used to handwash the car when we were kids. She was really a great help. She likes to have the things clean. She never misses the oportunity to help me. :-)

Washing the car

Good Sunday activity.
Later we went to the open day at the water energy/station museum (I don't really know how it is called in English). They had lots of activities for kids, like the rocket making:

And sending it out in the space later:

The watermills and water tunnel:

Increadibly good weather:

The activity most kids enjoyed was playing in the big shallow pond, Greta was no exception.

At the end she told dad how much she loves him:

We also visited our old neighbour friends that moved to a new house, where Greta played with her friend and I got some baby experience again. The dads made dinner on a grill and we had it very nice together.
When we came home and Santiago was taking Greta to bed, I continued making my office room neater and make yet another intent to get organized - labeled the charging cables. We will see if this system works now.

It will not be very sad even if it rains tomorrow, since we had such a great time this weekend. How was your weekend?

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