Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kids grooming tips needed

My kid won´t let me do anything to her. Every time she needs a bath, it is a fight. She washes her hair once a month, if we are lucky. She never liked any creams, either.
But lately I thought I have to do something with it. With long log talks about how important it is to brush the teeth becouse they will hurt otherwise. Or that we need to brush the hair because some bugs might strt leaving there otherwise. And we need to use the cream, because the skin gets too dry and "the doctor guy" will note like it. Little by little, it works. We found a shampoo/bath wash that she likes, because it is like foam. Now she likes me to spray her with a detangler before I brush her hair, and she enjoys her Tangle Teezer, bacause she can store inside some of her hair accessories. And now she also started enjoying me massaging her with a cream. Yes! The skin gets nicer and softer now, in this bad season in between cold and warm. She has also her own Badger lipstick, which she loves. Now I feel a little bit better and hope we will have less fight when the sunscreen season starts. By the way, we also read a book about the human body, where there was a boy with a sunburn, so I hope she will remember it when I explain the need of the sunscreen to her.
But still, do you have more tips? I would love to avoid all the "scary" part of the talking about the doctors that will not lke her and the bugs that will live in her hair.
In our home all the hygiene products we use are natural and cruelty free, so I rarely worry about the chemicals.

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