Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guess who has birthday soon!

Right, not today, but in a month, it it my turn to grow up. Now, I know you out there are dying to make me a present, but you know how practical I am trying to become with presents? That is why I am helping you out. Wanna make me happy this year? That is not a problem!
I would be happy to receive:
1. Some of the kitchen accessories from the "Mormor" collection.
2. Wool yarn, especially Drops Baby Merino in gray, pink and lilac.
3. Embroidery hoops in all possible sizes
4. A chili plant
5. Henna hair color (Lush Caca Marron) to continue my experiments
6. "Norway says" salt and pepper shakers
7. Waldorf doll making supplies.
8. Contigo thermo-mug
9. Glass-painting colors.
10. Bamboo soap.

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