Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pink cupcakes and the neighbour friends

Once again, I decided to make a dessert for a Saturday breakfast. Right after I announced my decision, I immediately started receiving the requerements. It had to be small and pink! Ok, I said, and made pink cupcakes.

So, the breakfast was a big success, and we had to have cupcakes for dessert after lunch, too. And then the fun part started, when we visited our neighbour friends who just got a new baby last week. So Greta spent a fun time playing with his now big sister. I even got to hold the baby. Incredible feeling. Of course, I also realized the mittens I knitted for the baby are way too big. I completely forgot how small the newborns are. But look at these two:

The girls had a good time together, something we will defintely repeat tomorrow. Greta, very inspired, got to draw a few pictures. Basicly of herself and her neighbour friend.

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