Friday, October 4, 2013


We hed to get away from home again, since our floor does not get dry while we are here. We spent the last five days at the cabin near the sea, the weathr was great, not a single drop of rain. Temperature-wise it was so different, there were days when we onle went out with a t-shirt, and others with the winter coats.
Samuel is now officially 1 month old. Congratulations!

I really enjoy watching them two together. :-)

This is one of the warm days - probably the last one this year.

Samuel loves to be wrapped in a sling. And allows us to go for some long walks. We both enjoy it.

Little smiling boy :-)

Greta playing with her new flexible dolls and lots of clothing for them.

A walk in Tønsberg

Winter weather :-)

The birds are flying south?

When we came back home it was 35 C, so I really really hope they can put the new floor soon.

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