Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of those busy days...

It happens sometimes before Christmas. No rush, but still, lots of nice and cozy things to do. But first of all, I have to write about Greta a little bit. She has changed a lot in the last days. First of all, she weaned from the breast, just the most natural way possible. No crying, no scandals, she just did not ask for it for 4 days now. This is how the natural weaning is supposed to be, I guess. She is calm, happy, interested in many things, eats quite good, falls asleep by herself in the last several days. She just listens to her several bedtime stories and books, then kisses us goodnight, and asks us to go away from her room. Then she sings to herself, maybe looks through some more books again, and falls asleep alone. Some days she wants me just to hug her until she is asleep. During the night she almost does not wake us up anymore. Tonight I was really surprised when I woke up half past 8 and she did not call me during the whole night. For the day nap it is more complicated, but basically, she also asked us to leave, stayed in bed for some time, sang some songs, played with some toys in bed, went to the potty all by herself. We were downstairs all the time and she did not ask for any attention during more than an hour. She did not nap today, but she rested, which is good enough, maybe. I feel that she grows up little by little. Now the new stage starts, a new stage for me and her, and it is very exciting, but a bit sad at the same time. Breastfeeding for more than 2 and a half years was a very good experience for us, I will always remember it.
The rest of the day was pretty much fun! I made the base of the gingerbread house, and Greta baked gingerbread cookies. She was very proud of them.

And even made pancakes for me, Santiago and a polish friend. They were pretty hungry after going skiing today.
Here are our gingerbread cookies.
The rest of the evening was packing, packing and more packing. And also envelopes writing... All these presents are to send, or to some friends who live in Kongsberg, some chocolates for the kindergarten and more small stuff. We also made something which I can not tell here on blog yet since some of mine readers might get it this Christmas. Lets not spoil the surprise. But I enjoyed making this little special something :-)

Happy Third advent tomorrow!

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