Saturday, December 17, 2011

We dont have time to get bored

Ooooh, what a long day. My day started at 5.30 when Santiago told me Greta needed me (after not wanting to sleep from 4 am). So I was not very creative so early and just gave Greta the iPad. While I started knitting Marte Helgetun's baggy hat with cables. When Santiago woke up later, I was out of yarn. This is what I had after a couple of hours. This is made in Drops Nepal yarn.

Greta is very creative though. The present we got yesterday from Ksusha from the UK, Greta asked me to use it and got a glass and poured some imaginary tea in it ))
And I finally managed to take a picture of our winter friends. I love them. Look, the have already eaten half of the birds cafe ))

While Santiago was in town trying to get some spare parts for the bike and more yarn for me (and they did not have it in the store), Greta and me made parts for the gingerbread house, as well as used up all the rests of the gingerbread dough. When Santiago came back, it was just really necessary to take Greta to bed (she must have been tired after so bad sleeping tonight). In the next picture you see what happens when you tell your husband to take the cookies out of the oven in 5 minutes while you put your child to nap )))

But the gingerbread house looked better this time. This time the pieces match. Yay!
After the nap, Greta felt very excited about decorating the gingerbread house and the cookies, so I just let them work while I did my running.

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Between all this things today I also made the upside down cheesecake. And it was yummy!
And the gingerbread house is decorated. Tadam!!!!

Greta started playing with her railroad (finally). And now it is so interesting to watch her, because she builds it herself, runs the train herself, invents some stories with other toys. This one was really funny. She takes a toy and puts her on the railroad, and then she takes it out of it and hugs. Feels like she saved the bird (and horse, and plane, and car, and more and more...) from being run by the train or something. Where does se get these ideas? I wonder.
Here it is. The horse crossing the railroad.

She made us laugh all day long! She is just so wonderful. She tells us stories about duchs eating peanuts, monsters eating chocolate, puts an empty box on her head and says she is a monster, jumping like a frog, chasing hanging ornaments like a cat and meowing. She is cute, and smart, and tender. I love her so much. Have a nice weekend!

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