Sunday, November 4, 2012

My little personal record

Today, Greta refused to go for a walk in the forest with me. So I went alone, to train my leg, because I spent the whole day yesterday being lazy! So here I am going to walk my first 1.5 km after the injury. Of course, I took my camera with me, just because lately I use too much iphone for the pictures, and instagram keeps crashing. Anyway, should do more normal photography. The forest looks pretty boring now, late autumn.

This lake. I decided to come closer to take a better picture, but was a bit unlucky, again, and got all the way to the knees in the freezing cold puddle. Good it was just half a km before coming home.

But just to be clear, I am not SO lazy during the weekends, bacause this weekend I did:
- Plan our Rome-weekend.
- Almost finished knitting Greta's sweater.
- Sew a Christmas dress for Greta.
- Made a fish stew for lunch yesterday.
- Made a delicious sweet potato soup for dinner yesterday.
- Ordered a matching shoes for my Christmas dinner party.
- Ordered an alphabet photo-book for Greta on Blurb.
- Made salmon and vegetables for lunch today.
- Made carrot soup with parmesan chips for dinner today.
- Made bake apple dessert now, and going to the kitchen to eat in NOW!

Have a great week!

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