Friday, November 9, 2012

The course

During the last 4 days I attended the safety and emergency training course, which was so much fun! We saved the life of Anne the doll, did emergency evacuation in the dark, spent the whole day in the pool yesterday in the helicopter suits getting out from the sinking helicopter. Great experience!
Feel a bit tired, but probably more of driving 150 km every day than the other part.
But now we deserve some vacation, starting tomorrow 7am! Rome, we are coming!


  1. Как здорово! Я тоже хочу однажды пройти подобные курсы!

  2. Очень здорово! Теперь я вот жду недождусь, чтобы меня куда-нибудь отправили, не зря ж я на курсы пошла.


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