Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yoghurt ice cream

I rarely use our ice-cream making machine. Because it requires so much space in the freezer. And you have to have it there for many hours before you can make ice-cream. But you know how spontaneous I am. I wake up one morning thinking: "I want ice cream".
This is what happened today. I woke up craving healthy yoghurt ice cream. Because I already have unhealthy gingerbread ice cream in the freezer. So I sat the ice cream making machine in the freezer, did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, drove to the town to buy something for my trip to Korea, came home, ate lunch, cleaned the kitchen again, and then!!!! Then I mixed lots of youghurt with coconut milk, almond essence, and frozen cherries. Now I am enjoying a wonderful ice cream, and a bit proud of not being so spontaneous today, nut a bit patient and organized )

Have a great weekend.
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