Sunday, November 17, 2013


Mostly at home with small exceptions. By the way, yesterday Greta and I had a girls only trip to the cinema while our boys were at home. Samuel tried bottlefeeding with my breastmilk, and it went smoothly. Yay! Now I think I will need a hairdresser appointment next weekend and will not be worried for them. As for today, it was quiet, warm, still not looking like winter. We are planning our next months, many interesting things are on our agenda, and we are looking forward. We already have something to look forward for in december, in january, and in april, at least. We will see if there will be something more.
As strange as it seems, we already started preparing for Christmas. Greta found the cookie tins I bought for Christmas and some new Christmas tree baubles. I found the advent calender that Greta is going to get this time, packed some of the presents for her and Greta has a present for Samuel. We packed it, too.
Samuel is discovering how exciting it is to hold a rattle, continues being a sweet boy in all possible ways and loves Greta. He tested out the big bathtub together with me today, and snow sleeps after a long day.

Hope you had a good one, too!

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