Monday, August 29, 2011

I can sew!

Yes, I am very surprised by the result! This is "Manhattan Special Occasion Dress" from the book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love". It could be reversible, but I did not place the laces inside, since I was not so interested in the reversible dress.
This dress is very complicated to make. Only the skirt part is made of 16 pieces! All the parts are very curved and difficult to sew together. But it looks like I did it well!
I prepared the dress and left it on the hanger on the door. And when Greta came home from the swimming pool, I told her that there was a present awaiting her. And there it was. Greta said "Thank you, Mommy!" and immediately asked to put it on. She said herself that she is a princess :-) Where did she get that? But she is right. On these pictures, she is posing for daddy in the dress.

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  1. It's wonderful! Greta is really cute :)

  2. Thank you. It was a really diffucult dress to make, but I am quite happy with the result :-)


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