Sunday, August 7, 2011

The weekend

This weekend was again fuul of interesting things. We had a visit of our Polish and Spanish friends, we enjoyed our raspberry from the garden, Greta loved having all the attention for her during the whole evening.
I am also making a book for Greta that will be called "My sleep book". It will have pictures of Greta and other kids doing the pre-bed routine and then going to sleep. It is supposed to help her to go to bed easily. So I am taking pictures of her bathing, going to the potty, putting on the pajamas, and sleeping. I also need to take pictures of her brushing her teeth, of us reading bedtime stories an so on. Sounds like a good idea, I think.
I also made this crochet felted seat cover, just in one evening. Finally, I am learning to crochet, and it is not so difficult as it looked before, anymore.
Also, we sold our car! So next week we are buying the Grand Scenic! Hurray!
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