Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today you have a chance to win a "house doctor" desktop box wherte you can store your writing and other supplies.
I liked them so much that I bought three. I gave one to my husband in an attempt to make him more organized, one I use myself for my scrapbooking supplies I the hobby room, but the third can be yours if you just leave a comment here for this post.
Good luck!

UPDATE: Just forgot to add, that the winner will be chosen next thursday, October the 27th.


  1. Disse boksene er så fine :)

    Tusen takk for at du vil følge meg :)
    God helg !
    Hilsen Janne

  2. Hei Janne!
    Jeg leste bloggen din før også, og liker den godt! bare i går måtte jeg flytte alle blogger jeg leser til Google Reader :)

  3. Beautiful ♥ I love the patterns and the colours on the boxes!
    Nice to see that you have visited my blog :)

  4. Hi, Kristin. I love your blog and have used many of your sewing ideas. Thanks for inspiration!

  5. Какая хорошая коробочка :) И я ведь почти успеваю :)


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