Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today evening

Greta liked what I did to her bicycle. And she almost tall enough to reath the pedals now. So next spring/summer will be great (but maybe already we can go to another type of bicycle then). The second picture I hope Vania and Zhenia will like :-) Thank you, Zhenia, for this wonderful hare. Greta loves him.
I feel a bit warm today, have little fever, so we just enjoy a film on the sofa and I knit more squares for Nepal blankets. I hope I get beter soon, I have a 10 km race this Saturday (an Greta too, but just 600 m) :-)
Have a nice evening!
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  1. Ой, очень приятно :) Я рада, что мой подарок пришелся по вкусу :)


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